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Azure Analysis Services

Updated: May 23

Our Snippets Of Knowledge Weekly Blog Series

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Part of the Microsoft SQL Server suite of services, Azure Analysis Services has broken away from the on-premises product to form its own scalable cloud resource. The tabular models developed offer the ability to create a comprehensive semantic layer for business users to self-serve on metrics from across the organisation.

The VertiPaq engine that underpins the resource is industry leading in its ability to read, cache and serve large volumes of enterprise grade reporting outputs and has since matured into a key part of the data modelling capabilities in Power BI and Microsoft Fabric.

Data Analysis Expressions (DAX) and the Power Query language known as M are the engineer's choice for working with the resource in its tabular form. Data models and measures created can then serve on data in direct query, import or composite modes depending on requirements. With scale out read only nodes offered to maximise user query concurrency.

See MS Learn for more information on this Resource here.


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