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Speaker Guidance and Engagement

Thank you and welcome to Cloud Formations Ltd - Innovative training delivered by industry leading Microsoft MVP's.

The following outline for the training day has been created to support the engagement and align expectations for those involved.

  • Cloud Formations Ltd (the host).

  • Third party company, individual or group delivering the training (the speaker).


The speaker will deliver one full day of training in person at the primary venue chosen by the host.

It is expected that as Microsoft MVP's training content will be delivered from a place of experience, grounded in good practice, and using current technology offerings. The speaker will be required to fill a full day of training, broadcast by any suitable in-person median throughout the day organised by the host.

Materials should be made available to delegates during the training day in form that can be taken away and referred to. Thus, supporting the knowledge transfer from the speaker to the delegates. the host will also take a copy of the training content and share it from a central location for delegates to refer to.

All training material will remain the intellectual property of the speaker and not the host.


To following offers an outline for the training day. However, times according be adjusted according to the speakers needs and to better align with natural breaks in content.

  • 9:00am - Doors open. Arrival and setup.

  • 9:30am - Training day starts.

  • 11:00am - Break and refreshments.

  • 12:30pm - Lunch.

  • 3:30pm - Break and refreshments.

  • 4:30pm - Session Q&A.

  • 5:00pm - Doors close.


Training day marketing will be done primarily by the host. This includes delegate signup, mailing lists, blogs, and social media posts.

To support a successful training day the speaker will also promote and advertise the training day via suitable marketing channels. A joint marketing effort by the speaker and the host will yield the greatest delegate signup and result in the maximum amount of revenue generated for all parties.

Discount codes will strategically be made available in limited numbers by the host in and collaboration with the speaker to promote the training day.


Our primary training venue is The Studio - Birmingham. the host will hire the Discovery room on the 1st floor. This room has maximum of 30 delegates, excluding the speaker and the hosts.


7 Cannon Street
B2 5EP

Detailed directions to the venue can be found here:

The Discovery room will be setup in a 'classroom' layout style giving delegates working to interact with the training day content via their own laptops.

A high-definition projector will be available to deliver content from the speaker for the delegates to view.

WiFi connectivity will be made available via the host from the venue.

Backup hardware will be available as required.

Breaks & Refreshments

Throughout the training day refreshments will be provided by the host. Including arrival drinks, morning and afternoon breaks as well as lunch.


The speaker will receive 50% of the profits from the training day. Meaning once all delegate ticket costs have been received. the host will deduct all costs of running the training day and divide the remaining amount. the speaker can invoice the host if preferred with payments made by BACS no later than 14 days after the training day takes place.

As an approximate representation, ticket sales will be started at £500 per head. With a maximum venue capacity of 30 delegates. Once venue costs have been deducted a sell out training day could yield ~£6,000 for the speaker. Profits will vary depending on training content popularity, discount codes offered to delegates, venue catering and speaker travel expenses.


Speaker expenses will be covered by the host in addition to the above remuneration package. Expenses include travelling to the training venue and one overnight stay local to the training venue. the host will make arrangements, approve, and coordinate accommodation with the speaker based on requirements.


For the training day to be financially viable at least ten delegates are required. If less than ten delegates signup the host reserves the right to cancel the session.

If unforeseen circumstances mean the speaker is unable to deliver the planned content every effort will be made to re-schedule the training day. If a suitable date cannot be found and delegates request refunds the host reserves the right to cancel the session.

Code of Conduct

The host strives to be a training facilitator where anyone is welcome to come, learn new skills and network alongside their peers regardless of gender, sexuality, race, disability, gender identity, appearance, or religion. Language and imagery that focus on these aspects will not be tolerated. If you feel at any time that this code of conduct is not being followed, then please alert the host immediately.

A complete Code of Conduct applied to all parties is available on the hosts website here

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