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Computer Programming


Simplify Your Legacy Code Management


An AI-powered platform designed to reverse engineer and document your legacy code seamlessly.

Understand Your Code, Unlock Its Potential

CF.Nimbus dives into your existing codebase, extracting and documenting crucial information. It’s like having an expert on your team who knows your legacy systems inside out.

What CF.Nimbus Can Do For You


Document the Undocumented

Generate comprehensive documentation for your legacy code automatically.


De-risk Legacy Code

Identify and mitigate potential risks lurking in your old codebase.


Restore Lost Knowledge

Recover critical insights and understanding from outdated systems.


Backfill Requirements

Fill in the gaps in your requirements documentation.

CF.Nimbus offers a thorough analysis, turning your code into detailed documentation.

Comprehensive Code Analysis

Reverse Engineered Requirements
  • Technical Requirements

  • Business Requirements

  • Business Logic

  • Processing Logic

Complete Solution Specification
  • Database Code & Structure

  • Entity Relationships

  • Data Flows

  • Data Lineage

  • Component Interactions

Solution Aware Chatbot
  • How does this field get populated?

  • How does this application alter data in that table?

  • Which procedures, functions and applications maintain the data in this table?

Simple and Effective Workflow

Nimbus Overview.png
1. Parse

Upload your existing solutions, including application code, object specifications, and databases.

2. Relate

CF.Nimbus parses, relates, and understands your code, producing valuable insights.

3. Understand

Benefit from detailed specifications, comprehensive requirements and a solution expert chatbot.

CF.Nimbus works directly with code artifacts without needing to connect to your live systems.

Transform Your Legacy Systems

CF.Nimbus doesn't just document your code—it breathes new life into it, enabling you to:
Interrogate Solution Logic

Dive deep into the functionality and logic of your applications.

Uncover Business Logic and Data Lineage

Understand the flow and transformation of data across your systems.

Review Requirements

Keep your solution requirements up to date.

Inform Future Designs

Use the insights to guide the development of new features and solutions.

Ready to Simplify Your Legacy Code Management?

Transform your old code into valuable documentation and insights today.

Click below to get started with CF.Nimbus by arranging a call with our experts. 

Why Cloud Formations

Led by over 30 years experience in the data industry

Having recognised Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals (MVPs) on the team, highlights our deep knowledge and commitment to Microsoft technologies.


We proudly hold the title of Microsoft Partner, showcasing our deep expertise in Microsoft technologies and our commitment to delivering top-tier solutions.


As a trusted Databricks partner, we are at the forefront of data and AI technologies, offering unparalleled expertise in leveraging the power of Databricks for your business.


We are proudly certified with Cyber Essentials, demonstrating our dedication to maintaining robust cybersecurity practices and safeguarding your data.

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We are committed to sustainability and environmental responsibility. Every month we plant 100 trees through Evertreen contributing to a greener future.

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