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Our Training Catalogue

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Cloud Formations provides live training sessions (in person or online) from industry leading experts on the latest Microsoft technologies. However, Cloud Formations isn't your typical training partner… We don’t consider our sessions to be just about training, we offer knowledge transfers from our speakers that deliver data platform solutions to customers on a daily basis. Then, talk about their extensive experience in a digestible form for you. Training from people walking in your shoes, meaning there is nothing theoretical about our content.

There is nothing more rewarding for our consultants than having the opportunity to share our knowledge with you.

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Small Running Title

Small Running Title

Microsoft Fabric Real-time Intelligence

Exploring and implementing all the Experiences in the Real-time Intelligence Hub.

Intelligent Automation

Harness AI Builder, RPA and Power Automate together.

Power Automate Introduction

Automate your manual processes

Microsoft Fabric for the Business User

Guided data exploration and resource implementation.

Power Apps Essentials

Build your own applications.

Power BI Essentials

From data to insights and decision intelligence.

Practical Data Modelling And Serving

Converting business events into valuable insights.

Realtime Data Handling And Analytics

An engineers guide to data at speed.

Creating A Data Lakehouse

Understanding and applying the Delta Lake open-standard.

End-to-end Data Engineering

Applying Apache Spark in Azure.

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