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Data Processing


Cloud Data Platform Accelerator

A cloud data platform product to accelerate time to insights. Our open-source framework is designed for the real world. Stripping away the complexity, giving you the power to build, scale, and manage your dataflows with ease, accelerating data delivery.


Ready to optimize your cloud data platform? Let's get started.

CF.Cumulus is designed with the essentials for modern data management—efficiency, scalability, and extensibility. Below, explore the key features that make Cumulus the intelligent choice for your data architecture.
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Feature Rich Framework


Open Source

Zero cost, unlimited access to code



Faster time-to-insight reduces delivery costs



Brings development & operations together


Proven Framework

Adopted and used with 100+ repository forks



Horizontal & vertical scaling for Big Data executions



Supports complex & unique data handling


Rapid Development

Accelerates data solution implementation


Transparent & Trustworthy

Tried & tested patterns using mature technologies

Simplifying Complexity Through Metadata

The core pillars of CF.Cumulus: Control, Ingest, and Transform provide the backbone of a modern cloud data platform. Each module is crafted to simplify your data processes, enabling seamless integration and operation with a metadata-driven approach. 


  • Metadata-driven workflow orchestration

  • Managed dependency chains

  • Concurrent batch processing

  • Multi-threaded execution

  • Resilient exception handling

  • Enterprise grade reliability



  • Metadata-driven data ingestion

  • Adaptable to all scenarios

  • Extensible data sources 

  • Extensible data formats

  • Flexible operating modes

  • Automated code generation



  • Metadata-driven data transformation

  • Rapid engineering of common transformations

  • Scalable data processing

  • Baked in support for dimensional models

  • Supports AI & Machine Learning model inference

  • Complete flexibility through custom notebooks

CF.Cumulus FAQ

CF.Cumulus looks great, how do I get started?

Check out this page for details on getting started using the framework. If you have any questions, just reach out.

How much does CF.Cumulus cost to use?

The CF.Cumulus framework is free for anyone to use on their own projects. We offer optional paid support for deploying, using and running solutions built on the framework.

Please see this document for indicative Azure run cost estimates for using the accelerator.

What is CF.Cumulus and how does it work?

CF.Cumulus is an open-source framework designed for building and managing cloud data platforms. It simplifies the process by providing tools for data ingestion, transformation, and orchestration, allowing you to focus on your data needs rather than infrastructure management.

What are the key features of CF.Cumulus?

Key features include metadata-driven workflows, seamless integration with various cloud services, support for large-scale data operations, and a robust set of tools for data ingestion, transformation, and orchestration.

How does CF.Cumulus simplify cloud data platform management?

CF.Cumulus automates many tasks related to data ingestion, transformation, and orchestration, reducing the need for manual intervention and allowing teams to focus on analysing data rather than managing infrastructure.

What benefits does CF.Cumulus offer for data ingestion and transformation?

CF.Cumulus provides scalable and efficient data ingestion pipelines, supports various data formats, and offers powerful transformation capabilities to prepare data for analysis and reporting.

Is CF.Cumulus suitable for large-scale data operations?

Yes, CF.Cumulus is designed to handle large-scale data operations with its scalable architecture, making it ideal for organizations with significant data processing needs.

How does CF.Cumulus integrate with existing data infrastructure?

CF.Cumulus integrates seamlessly with existing cloud services and data platforms, enabling smooth data flow and interoperability within your current infrastructure.

Is CF.Cumulus cost-efficient and scalable?

Its open-source nature and efficient resource management capabilities reduce costs, while its scalable architecture ensures it can grow with your data needs.

How does CF.Cumulus ensure data security and compliance?

CF.Cumulus includes robust security features, such as encryption and access controls, and adheres to industry standards to ensure compliance with data protection regulations.

Can CF.Cumulus support AI and machine learning workflows?

Yes, CF.Cumulus supports AI and machine learning workflows by providing the necessary infrastructure for data preparation, model training, and deployment.

How does CF.Cumulus handle metadata-driven workflows?

CF.Cumulus uses metadata to automate and manage workflows, ensuring consistency and efficiency in data processing tasks.

Begin Your Journey with Cumulus

Ready to harness the full potential of your data? Find out how the Cumulus Framework can revolutionize your data operations.

Let’s make data platform complexity a thing of the past.

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