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Getting Started with CF.Cumulus

Ready to dive in and get going? Let's get you started. 

There are two approaches for getting started with CF.Cumulus. Either you can go it alone or we can give you a helping hand. 

Do It Yourself

We love self starters, so for the Do It Yourself route we've publish content in our members area to get you up and running. The content here will continue to evolve alongside the product. However, it will always be based on the latest publicly available codebase. This route requires a certain level of technical competency but we're always here to help if you need us. This route is recommended for exploring and testing out the framework. 

Do It With Us

Alternatively, you can Do It With Us. Through this route we can provide tailored help and support to guide you through deployment and usage. You get access to a detailed knowledgebase and design collateral, access to features not yet in the public codebase and enduring product support should you require it. This approach rapidly accelerates getting started and ensures you get the most value from the framework. This route is recommended for production projects. 

Do It Yourself vs Do It With Us

The table below outlines the features of each approach. Whichever path you choose, we're always here to help if you need us. 

Do It Yourself
Do It With Us
Free access to CF.Cumulus (Ingest, Transform, Control)
Access to the open-source GitHub Repo
CF members deployment guide
CF members setup how-to videos
Access to the product roadmap
Implementation support
Product support
Detailed knowledge base access
Pre-created architecture diagrams
Templated high level designs
Metadata how to guides
Troubleshooting guides
Direct influence over the product roadmap
Access to early release features
Deep-Dive CF.Cumulus Training Workshops
Premium module access (Govern, Monitor, Intelligence, etc.)
Service desk support
Feature technical guidance

Where to Start

Do It Yourself

To get started on your own:

Do It With Us

To get started with help:

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