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Our Services

At Cloud Formations, we offer a comprehensive suite of data consulting services, designed to empower your business to harness the power of data effectively and efficiently. From strategy formulation to implementation, our experts are here to guide you every step of the way.

Strategic Services

Data Strategy Consulting

We help you navigate your data journey, identifying opportunities and addressing challenges to make data your competitive advantage. We assess your current data state, define a future state vision, and create a strategic roadmap to get there.

Data Culture & Adoption

We guide you in embedding data at the heart of your operations and equipping your team with the skills to leverage it effectively. From training sessions to strategy workshops, we make data a part of your organizational DNA.

Technology & Innovation Planning

We facilitate sessions aimed at brainstorming data-driven solutions, exploring new data technologies, and enabling continuous learning within your organization.

Architecture Reviews & Oversight

Our experts review your current setup, identify gaps, and provide recommendations for optimizing your data infrastructure, ensuring scalability, efficiency, and security.

AI Strategy Consulting

Our AI & Machine Learning Strategy Consulting service is designed to help you understand the potential of AI & ML in your business context. We work alongside your team to explore and identify potential use cases, assess their predictability, and estimate the potential business value.

Data Governance

We help organizations establish and implement data governance frameworks that ensure data quality, compliance, and security. Our service includes developing data governance policies, defining data stewardship roles, implementing data management processes, and monitoring data governance effectiveness.

Delivery Services

Modern Analytics Platform

We design and implement modern analytics platforms tailored to your specific needs, integrating cutting-edge technologies and best practices. Our approach involves requirements gathering, solution design, platform implementation, data integration, and user training to empower you with actionable insights from your data.

Data Migration Services

Our data migration services ensure a smooth and efficient transition from legacy systems to modern data platforms. We develop a migration strategy, perform data mapping, execute the migration process, validate data integrity, and provide ongoing support to minimize downtime and ensure data consistency.

Advanced Analytics

Our advanced analytics service utilizes cutting-edge techniques such as machine learning, predictive modelling, and statistical analysis to uncover valuable insights from your data. We build advanced analytical models, conduct data exploration, and deliver actionable insights that drive informed decision-making.

Managed Services

Our managed services cover end-to-end data system management, from monitoring data systems and databases, ensuring system availability and performance, handling system updates and backups, to providing technical support, we ensure that your data operations run efficiently and securely.

Data Mesh & Fabric Adoption

Our Data Mesh platform design and implementation service helps you embrace a decentralized data architecture that empowers cross-functional teams. We provide expertise in domain-driven design, data governance, data product development, and scalable data infrastructure to enable autonomy and flexibility in data management.

Data Science as a Service (DSaaS)

Our Data Science as a Service offers an end-to-end solution, helping you transform your data into actionable insights. We help define your data problem, prepare your data, develop predictive models, and deploy these models into production. With our team of experienced data scientists, you can leverage data science without the need for in-house expertise.

Data Visualization

We help businesses represent complex data in an intuitive, easy-to-understand manner. Our data visualization services involve designing interactive dashboards and reports, ensuring that the visualized data provides meaningful insights that can inform business decisions.

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