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Data Relay 2023

Join us next week as we tour the country as part of the Data Relay conference.

  • Monday - Bletchley Park

  • Tuesday - Reading

  • Wednesday - Bristol

  • Thursday - Birmingham

  • Friday - Manchester

Each day we'll pop up as a conference sponsor with a booth, swag, chocolate and bucket load of expertise ready to support your data projects. That said, we would love to see as many people as possible for in person conversations, networking, coffee and more.

Registration for the event is free and won't close until lunchtime on the day of each leg of the tour. So get signed up on EventBrite via the hosts webpage if you haven't already: In addition, Paul Andrew (me) will be speaking about Data Mesh in Reading and Birmingham, session details below:


Title: From Theory to Practice - Building a Data Mesh Architecture in Azure

Abstract: The principals of a data mesh architecture have been around for a while now, but we still don’t have a clear way to deliver such a platform in Azure. Are the concepts so abstract that it’s hard to translate the principals into real world requirements and maybe even harder to think about what technology you might need to deploy within your Azure tenant.

In this session, we’ll explore options for building scalable data products in Azure, following Data Mesh architecture principals. Turning the theory into practice. What data storage technology should be used? Does it matter? What endpoints should be exposed for the products across the overall mesh? And what resource(s) should sit at the centre of the Data Mesh? Answers to all these questions are more as we turn the theory of a Data Mesh architecture into practice. Including, how to dissect the planes of the Data Mesh using Azure concepts.

Data Mesh Theory vs Practice Slide

We hope to see you there.

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