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Knowledge Transfers - Not Training

What makes our courses and content different?

At Cloud Formations we provide live training sessions from industry leading experts on the latest technologies and industry concepts. Nothing new there, I agree. Stay with me!

However, Cloud Formations isn't your typical training partner… We don’t consider our sessions to be just about training, we offer knowledge transfers from our speakers that deliver data solutions to customers on a daily basis. We then package up that knowledge from real world experience, combined with our passion, to share with you (our workshop delegates).

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Receive "training" from the people walking in your shoes, meaning there is:

  • nothing theoretical about our content.

  • nothing polished to promote software vendor marketing.

  • nothing pretty, when operating on the bleeding edge of updates.

  • nothing we have not seen before, in terms of data/technical challenges.

  • nothing easy about stretching the breadth and depth of abilities in a fast-paced industry.

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The most rewarding part of our consultants' roles is having the opportunity to share that knowledge with you. Meaning we can reduce risks for your business, offering confidence that the in-house teams have all the skills and tools to own the solution implemented.

Check out our latest catalogue of content here.

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How we approach training delivery

Presentations – curated, highly engaging visuals delivered as a story. A story sharing an approach, subjective at times and honest in the reality of engineering deliveries. With message re-enforced throughout. Covering concepts, theory, patterns, and best practice one pagers.

Demonstration – we enforce our content with real examples. Code made available to you via open repositories beyond the workshop delivery. Often exposed in environments that you can access directly or through Microsoft Azure or Microsoft Fabric.

Discussions – we love to facilitate conversations in our sessions. Giving delegates the opportunities to collaborate, bringing together unique experiences across the group offering collective wisdom and support between industry peers.

Hands On – work during the session, at home or offline, we ensure all our content is made available to take away and review, revisit and digest. Meaning knowledge can become engrained. With carefully constructed guides to follow along, often with video support.


I fully confess, this blog ended up sounding a lot more like a sales pitch than I intended. Apologies for that, but hopefully the point and underlying passion for what we do is apparent. Not death by PowerPoint and bullet points in slides are (generally) banned! Knowledge, passion, experience, and wisdom only when you work with us.

Many thanks for reading.

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