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Microsoft Fabric Happy Paths - Now Create Your Own Realistic/Unhappy Paths

Drawing Microsoft Fabric Architecture Diagrams in Visio

Microsoft has kindly provided a lot of content to the community in terms of graphics and diagrams. However, those initial set of diagrams have been described as 'happy paths'. See below.

Happy is nice and good. But sadly we don't live in a world of ideals and perfect data.

  • What about the unhappy paths?

  • What about technology outliers?

  • What about integration patterns that require a combination of Cloud Resources?

  • What about SAP and Oracle?

  • What about the ODBC driver for that RDMS that nobody has ever heard of?!

In those situations we need to draw our own architecture diagrams. In Microsoft Visio. Sorry, not DrawIO. So, for the Visio fans out there, as I've done previously (here) for other Azure Icons, I've created a Visio Stencil to collect all the Microsoft Fabric Icons together as an easy addition to your 'My Shapes' folder.

Get the - Microsoft Fabric.vssx file from our GitHub repository here.

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