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Are You Currently Using Or Need Help Managing Data Pipeline Dependencies?

Updated: Apr 15

If so, we would love to hear from you.

We are currently rolling out early release versions of our CF.Cumulus product to customers and specifically if you are already using the legacy metadata driven framework known as we want to hear from you.

As blogged about separately here, ProcFwk is/has been getting a long overdue upgrade to CF.Cumulus. Or to be explicit with the namespace, CF.Cumulus.Control.

Architecture diagram of procfwk and cumulus

That upgrade has now been completed and we have version 1.0 of CF.Cumulus.Control ready and available for customers to use. We would therefore like to engage and collaborate with any customers using the previous metadata driven orchestration product with a view to supporting an upgrade and migration of metadata to CF.Cumulus.Control. Our only ask is that we create a case study about your use of the product.

Ultimately, we are keen to invest our time to harden the product ready for the next wave of innovation.

In addition to the upgraded Functions and Metadata, we have enhanced Control with a few new features, as requested by the community. Also, we've created a completely new Confluence knowledge base and have an updated set of How To videos available. All included if you want to partner with us.


Many thanks for reading.

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