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Azure Cosmos DB

Our Snippets Of Knowledge Weekly Blog Series

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Cosmos DB is truly a cloud native resource with the ability to support multi master, multi model, globally distributed instances with low-latency and financially backed service level agreements offering 99.99% uptime for business-critical applications.

The base resource supports many API’s including NoSQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Apache Cassandra, Apache Gremlin and Tables. This abstraction offers an easy migration path from existing application database backends to a scalable cloud resource, such as Cosmos DB without the need to refactor/rebuild data access layers.

Beyond the transactional workloads Cosmos DB also offers the ability to send data changes downstream to analytical data stores such as Synapse Analytics and Microsoft Fabric. Or for complete flexibility the ‘Change Feed’ feature can call an Azure Functions App, then writing to, or calling almost anything.

See MS Learn for more information on this Resource here.


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