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Microsoft Power BI

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Microsoft Power BI , first released in 2011 has gone from strength to strength with a huge community following. It is no longer a standalone desktop tool for the creation of just data visualisations, it now forms part of the Microsoft Office 365 suite of software becoming a business users preferred tool to consume, model, visualise, publish and share data products. Depending on your definition of a 'data product'.

With an entire marketplace of custom plugins and third-party software to support the creation and management of complex data models, Power BI has become an end-to-end business intelligence platform.

A key differentiator for Power BI for companies already heavily involved with a Microsoft stack is the price, the desktop product can be used for free without a licence. Although be warned that can soon change if requiring professional, premium or even full Microsoft Fabric licences to use the platform on an enterprise scale.

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