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Introducing CF.Cumulus

At Cloud Formations, we understand that the complexity of cloud data platform and infrastructure design can pose a sizeable challenge for organizations looking to harness the full potential of their data in the cloud.

Our Open-Source Cloud Data Platform Accelerator

Recognizing this, Cloud Formations is proud to announce the launch of CF.Cumulus – an open-source cloud data platform accelerator designed to simplify the data journey from ingestion to transformation, enabling businesses to focus squarely on deriving value from their data and accelerating the time-to-insights.

Why CF.Cumulus?

  • Simplified Orchestration, Ingestion and Transformation: CF.Cumulus streamlines the process of bringing data into the cloud and transforming it into actionable insights, removing a lot of the complexity and effort typically associated with these tasks.

  • Accelerate Time-To-Insights: CF.Cumulus accelerates the time to insight by providing pre-built components leveraging best practice and years of experience. This facilitates rapid onboarding of new datasets and simplified transformations into usable analytical data assets.

  • Focus on Value: By reducing the complexity and time required for data preparation, CF.Cumulus allows businesses to concentrate on using their data and deriving valuable insights.

What is CF.Cumulus?

  • Metadata-driven Orchestration, Ingestion and Transformation: Automate and standardize data flows with CF.Cumulus's metadata-driven capabilities.

  • Scalable Data Processing: Leverage the power of cloud scalability to handle big data executions efficiently.

  • Cost-Efficient: With a focus on reducing delivery costs, CF.Cumulus ensures that your investment in a cloud data platform delivers maximum ROI.

  • Open Source and Extensible: The CF.Cumulus code base is provided open-source in the Cloud Formations spirit of community collaboration, openness, and disruptive thinking in everything we do.

Want to know more?

At Cloud Formations, we believe that the true power of data comes from quickly and efficiently turning it into actionable insights. CF.Cumulus is our answer to the common challenges faced by businesses in achieving this goal.

If you'd like to know more about CF.Cumulus, including how to get started using it, please check out our landing page: Cumulus | Cloud Formations

Alternatively, if you'd like to talk to our team about CF.Cumulus, please book some time in and we'd love to discuss it with you: Speak to an expert | Cloud Formations

Thanks for reading.

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