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Introducing - The Tech Handshake

Career Advice For The Next Generation Of Data Professionals

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Over the years I've mentored several people and supported graduates during work experience, with coding projects, training etc etc. During this time they've all asked me similar questions regarding the future of technology and where they should focus efforts as part of next career steps.

While every answer I gave them was different based on individual circumstances I did often feel like I was repeating myself, and that maybe as a community we could do something more to assist with this advice. Additionally, I could also be wrong and sent them to their doom! :-)

Based on this, I decided to start a very simple podcast, The Tech Handshake, to capture the advice this next generation of data professionals wants to hear. In each episode I'll be asking my friends and peers from across the community two simple questions:

  1. Tell us about your career to date. Where did it start and what milestones have you experienced along the way?

  2. What advice would you give to the next generation of data professionals?

In these short episodes I'm hoping to capture the critical career shaping advice to help the 'new blood' of data. Advice from seasoned professionals with existing careers spanning decades and working for some of the industries largest organisations.

There won't be anything too formal. Just short, sharp, information with a little fun.

Watch all episodes via my YouTube channel playlist here:

Many thanks for reading. Ps. What do you think to the AI generated logo?

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