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Would you like me to review your data platform architecture?

Hi, I'm Paul and I've been designing and delivering Microsoft data platform solutions for around 15 years now. I've seen it all. The good, the bad and the ugly (for the Clint Eastwood fans). During my career I've worked with customers big and small, national and international, covering almost every industry vertical.

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I've also been a Microsoft Data Platform MVP for 7 years, working in the community and speaking at conferences all around the world.

Today, my job is also my hobby and I really enjoy collecting experiences and stories from the industry, looking at common architecture problems vs technology and how to scale solutions to offer the most value from data. Using cloud native tools.

That said, can I help you do the same? Old or new solutions. On premises or in the Microsoft cloud. I can perform a fixed size, discrete review of your data platform with the following outputs:

  • A targeted and documented set of technical recommendations based on current point pains and known industry design patterns.

  • A future view on your technology roadmap in terms of growth, scalability and new use case onboarding.

  • A technical whiteboarding workshop (ideally in person) to explore the art of the possible, to unlock value for the business using technology to facilitate and inform decisions.

  • An understanding of what Microsoft product offerings are right for you and which might be a square peg in a round hole. No non-sense ;-)

  • A view on where AI can actually help the business and if it's possible given the state of the current data platform, avoiding the hype.

I'm offering this, not as a sales pitch, but simply because I'm passionate about what I do and enjoy solving problems for customers using data technologies.

If I can help you, please get in touch... and let me review your data platform architecture. Or simply message me in LinkedIn.

Regardless, I strongly recommend you check out the technology agnostic reference architectures I've created here:

Covering; data mesh, batch processing, event driven handling and near real-time data streams.

Thumbnail images of reference architectures

Many thanks for reading

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