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Azure Event Grid

Updated: May 23

Our Snippets Of Knowledge Weekly Blog Series

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In classic programming terms, the Azure Event Grid offers a simple yet affective publisher/subscriber bus for various events across your platform and beyond. Organised as topics in the resource, many upstream resources and SDK’s can write events to these topics and many downstream resources, including Azure Data Factory pipelines can subscribe to those custom topics, prompting further workload execution.

In the context of a data platform, this offers a convenient way to decouple processing stages and offer a method of delivering data just-in-time as a set of event driven workloads. For example, a data source writes a file to a storage account, an integration pipeline can be triggered based on the create file event to further the data ingestion workload.

Having such an event driven set of executions avoids the need for a large nightly load of all datasets and can smooth out compute demand. In addition, it gives business users the ability to consume information as it arrives, improving overall data delivery.

See MS Learn for more information on this Resource here.


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