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Azure Event Hub Namespace

Updated: May 23

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Azure Event Hub Namespace Icon

The naming of this resource is often confused. When deployed the resource acts as a wrapper (namespace) that subsequently contains a series of Event Hubs. This can be thought of as a hierarchy of namespace and hubs. Although in any logical architecture it is notionally referred to as an Azure Event Hub.

The Event Hub offers a highly scalable, one directional endpoint to receive messages from upstream data sources where content can be pushed from, typically in a semi structured format. Dedicated and serverless service tiers allow for the throughput of huge data volumes with data retention capabilities aligned to the tier chosen.

A key feature of an Event Hub is the ability to enable ‘Data Capture’, which writes all messages received directly to an Azure Storage Account as Avro files. This avoids the need for any compute downstream reading off the Event Hub if a simple pattern of persistence of data to storage is required.

See MS Learn for more information on this Resource here.


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