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Updated: May 23

Our Snippets Of Knowledge Weekly Blog Series

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Azure Functions are the ultimate middleware for any solution including many data platform use cases, they allow the execution of code written in a variety of languages, triggered in a variety of ways as a serverless offering. The abstraction is done through an Azure App Service that wraps infrastructure and networking capabilities for easy use by the Functions. Host resources can be deployed to use both Windows and Linux with service tiers that both scale up and scale out.

Function development can then be done locally with emulators and in Azure via VSCode or Visual Studio IDE’s, each offering a comprehensive set of workflows and testing for Functions in isolation.

Common uses for Functions could be to support wider platform orchestration by scaling other compute resources, handling change feeds from Cosmos DB, or simply acting as a wrapper for complex source API’s.

As a first-class resource in all data integration pipelines calling out to Azure Functions is an easy way to wrap workload executions and decouple layers of a solution.

See MS Learn for more information on this Resource here.


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