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Azure SQL Managed Instance

Updated: May 23

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If managing a complete virtual machine and SQL Instance is too much, but an Azure SQL Database is too limited. The middle ground resource is an Azure SQL Managed Instance. This avoids the infrastructure but includes everything needed from the product database instance down. Including a SQL Agent and natural cross database querying within the instance. The offering gives the best of both worlds including full stop/start options to reduce run costs. As with the SQL Database PaaS alternative, this assumes the other business intelligence services in the SQL Server product aren’t required (SSIS, SSRS, SSAS).

The managed instance has built in high availability and automatic backups with point-in-time restore capabilities. Supporting up to 16TB of storage for a 16+ vCore Business Critical service tier. Compared to 4TB in an Azure SQL Database.

Other that the differences in management levels, the core SQL database engine remains the same.

See MS Learn for more information on this Resource here.


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