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Introducing CF.Nimbus

We're very excited to announce the latest product in our Cloud-Shift toolkit.

Nimbus workflow diagram

Cloud Formations mission is all about unlocking the value of data for our clients. We're long enough in the tooth to have seen both the pitfalls and possibilities of data in the modern business. One of those pitfalls are the challenges that legacy platforms bring:

  • Code bases built a while ago by great minds who have since left the business.

  • Outputs entrenched in business operations too risky to update

  • Complex webs of data processing logic that feels like untying spaghetti

  • Documentation that was great when the solution was built but barely reflects today

  • Heaps of overly complicated reporting queries that just keep growing

We've designed CF.Nimbus to address these classic problems. Leveraging the opportunities that Large Language Models (LLMs) open up, CF.Nimbus is able to reason across complex polyglot solutions. Providing a clear and detailed specification of the solution, even going so far as to reverse engineer requirements that the solution adheres to. By coupling these outputs with a solution aware chatbot CF.Nimbus becomes the solution expert needed to de-risk your solution.

You can find out more about CF.Nimbus on its product page here.

Alternatively, put some time in with our team to find out how CF.Nimbus could help you.

Thanks for reading.

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